Friday, March 18, 2011

Good lord, I've started another one.

I've come to the dark side. Contrarily, I've come back from the dark side. It all depends on what type of yarn folks you spoke to first. I've been crocheting for close to 10 years. I've always seen knitted things and lusted after the ability. I'm finally on my way there. I will probably always crochet any toys I make, but it's nice to be able to make clothing that isn't bulky. On a thrifty note, knitting uses about a third of the yarn that crochet uses. It also turns out that most multi-colored yarns are made for knitting. They just stripe right up as you work with them.

I am a beginner for sure, but I'm learning quickly. I will admit my first few tries ended in a frogged disaster. I wanted to shove those needles in my eyes. Perseverance and a plethora of how to videos won in the end, and I'm ever so glad they did. It feels great to say I taught myself something. There are a few things I'm still not 100% on, even with videos. No need to fear! I have a plethora of amazing friends who knit.

My goal is to have made something with changing colors, something knitted in the round, and a blanket by this time next year. Wish me luck!

What you all can (hopefully) look forward to is lots of introductions to interesting patterns and knitters. This will be similar to my crochet blog. Let's see if I can raise two blogs and a toddler.

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  1. Cool, I look forward to seeing what you make!